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In the recent Fertility Tourism Survey 2020 undertaken by the International Fertility Company over 80% of participants said they would appreciate the opportunity to speak directly to others who had travelled for fertility treatment.

In the light of patient feedback we are pleased to launch our Patient 2 Patient email service which offers help and advice for anyone considering travelling. The new service is managed by Pamela who has direct experience of fertility treatment in her home country (UK) and she leads a team of ‘fertility peers’ who have undergone treatment at home and abroad.

The new service is:



We are not paid to promote specific treatment providers


You are not required to share any contact or location details


You will pay no fee for the service

Patient 2 Patient does not provide counselling or coaching but does offer information, advice and help based on personal experience. It is your opportunity to speak to someone about identifying a clinic; getting help before you travel; communicating with a treatment provider; discussing positive and negative aspects of travel as well as learning about what to expect as a patient in a different country.

Our Manager:

My name is Pamela. Myself and my husband met each other through friends when I was 18 and he was 21. I had always wanted to become a mum but found out when I was 13 from my GP that I would require medical assistance in the future if I wanted to get pregnant.

Ian my husband and I talked about trying for a family a couple of years after meeting as I knew we needed to get help as soon as we started trying. We spent 18 years trying to conceive and had so many investigations and treatments with 9 miscarriages in between that time period. After 2 unsuccessful cycles of IVF in the U.K. we decided it was time to try something different.

In 2018 we talked with a clinic in Czech Republic and discussed our options; finally deciding on using donor embryos. Our first cycle was successful and we now have a 21 month old son called Patrick who is truly a miracle. We would always choose abroad for treatment now as the clinics and staff are great. We also felt that we were really cared for and had a nice relaxing break at the same time.

I would love to help others in their journey to becoming parents by sharing our experience as it is a very big decision to travel to a different country for treatment and can be scary and stressful as it’s something you might not have done before and you may have a lot of questions. I am always here to listen and answer the concerns you may have.

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