Frequently Asked Questions

How does the International Fertility Company work?

We work in three main areas;

  • If you are considering fertility treatment abroad we can help identify the most appropriate clinics in the best locations
  • We can offer pre and post treatment ultrasounds and tests in your own country to reduce the amount of time you spend away from home
  • We offer free and discounted treatments across six continents
  • We bring the clinics to you with regular, free patient consultation events

Is there a charge for this service?

Yes, we offer an inclusive, set fee for specific services including:

  • Clinic Finder Services
  • Patient 2 Patient Support
  • Concierge Services

Costs for these services can be found here.

We charge professionals and clinics in order that we can offer a free service to patients. Fees vary depending on the level of partnership required. At entry level we offer one off advertising opportunities such as web based banners or a single translation/article through to partnerships which offer year-long support and access to our International Referral Clinic Hubs.

We are considering a number of fertility treatment options, how can you help us?

We have a thorough knowledge of IVF treatments available worldwide and have travelled extensively, visiting clinics and hospitals to identify those we feel provide the most diverse, transparent and effective range of treatments. We do not medically endorse any specific IVF clinics but provide you with an honest appraisal of your options in terms of treatments offered; clinic and hospital locations; logistics (travel, accommodation, language); and the emotional, practical and complementary services such as counselling; reflexology and post treatment assistance offered.

Why should we use your services when we could go direct to a clinic?

We invest countless hours visiting IVF clinics throughout the world; we chat endlessly to fertility patients to gain feedback about their experiences; we network extensively with health professionals and we partner with patient not for profit organisations to ensure we are able to share the most up-to-date information on IVF abroad, clinics, research, success rates and support services.

We can offer discounts at many of the top fertility clinics including exclusive access to individual fertility practitioners and medics. Our International Referral Clinic Hubs offer access to appropriately experienced and skilled medical professionals who are able to offer pre and post travel tests and monitoring in your home country to reduce the time you need to spend away from home.

IVF travel is our business. Our team is regularly invited to fertility events across the globe to share our work. We act independently and can give an honest and transparent appraisal of your fertility options. We believe there is no similar service in the world which offers the level of experience and knowledge provided by the International Fertility Company.

We are a fertility clinic, how can you help us?

We offer a business development service to IVF clinics, assisting in the production of appropriate content for marketing materials; help set up patient engagement events at our International Referral Clinic Hubs and facilitate cross border partnerships

We can help write content for websites; company brochures; blogs and even help manage your social media platforms

We offer you our extensive worldwide network of fertility contacts to assist you to grow your business; showcase your work to fertility patients and share information relating to developments, changes, challenges and opportunities in the fertility field.

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Have we missed anything? If there are any questions that you would like answers to, please contact us here.

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